Renovating Atlanta’s in-town homes since 1998, Castles & Cottages, Inc. is committed to assisting clients in realizing the full inherent potential of their homes. Standards of comfort and convenience have evolved over time; we change homes to reflect what the architect/builder would have done if he/she were building today. Renovated or new space should look as if it has always been there; patina, integration, consistency are just a few of the qualities that are top of mind in our process.

As the primary contact person for each client, Tim Salomon (founder and owner) is actively involved in project supervision. While quality is always the first priority, finding the most cost effective way to achieve that quality is a close second.

Project types include Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, Carriage Houses, Garages, Attic-Buildouts, Floor-Plan Modifications, and Whole-House Renovations.

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